In Ancient Rome, the philosopher Plotinus and Gemina, his seventeen year-old disciple, have just projected their souls into one another’s bodies. Gemina’s best friend, Amphiclea, is the only witness, and the amber anklet referenced in Plotinus’ diary is the only proof she has of their secret. In present day Delphi, California, Octavia Harris, President of the exclusive, secretive Oculus Society, is murdered in her bedroom, and the amber anklet she was wearing has disappeared. Octavia’s daughter, Gretchen, becomes obsessed with finding the anklet; but it’s not until her best friend Jessica learns of the Plotinus Ability that they discover how important it really is. The girls devise an intricate plot using the Plotinus Ability to find the murderer, but when they’re caught projecting by the outcast Ariel Miller, they have no choice but to include her in their plans. Along the way, the three girls must untangle the web of secrets and suspicions between them in order to discover the truth about what happened to Gretchen’s mom, and ultimately, to become friends.

Kirkus Reviews

The Da Vinci Code meets Freaky Friday in this chick-lit mystery…The focus on friendship will appeal to chick-lit fans, while those tired of vampires, fallen angels and the like will appreciate the fresh take on the paranormal.

Book Journey

The book was a delight to read and a fresh breath into the YA genre.

Chick Loves Lit

The plot pleasantly surprised me…. It is very well written… I am looking forward to reading more adventures with these girls and their secret society!

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